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We ensure that the designed website is coded in accordance with today's software standards and that the architecture is built correctly.

Getverify Lda is designed as a front-end to the modern and user experience that runs smoothly at all screen resolutions in your mobile applications. Designs are transferred in a responsive manner so that they can be seen on all mobile devices without problems. On this page, we have a positive effect on the user experience and we are preparing for the search engine optimization process.

We follow new mobile technologies closely and equip our applications with the latest technologies. Java, Objective C, Cordova, and Node JS among others, and we are developing high-performance software.

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Access to internet and information from mobile devices, normal desktops and hard links have been caught and even in the past. Despite the advantages of responsive website design, many features that are not available with a functionally normal website are available through the features of the device and mobile applications. When we review the need for mobile application development, let's briefly summarize which mobile application is being developed for which platform:

Whether it is a bank or a small hobby market, companies that are interested in being close to the consumer today are increasing their marketing and sales chances with their Android apps. Through mobile applications, product promotions, membership transactions and, of course, shopping can be done. Aside from the increasing use of e-commerce, we see that m-commerce has also entered our lives rapidly. For this reason, Getverify Lda also supports customers in introducing their services and products with Android applications.

Only Google support and iOS, Android's biggest competitor, tells us that access is more because of the choice of many smartphone makers. When it comes to mobile apps, iOS and Apple are of course separate. With years of uncompromising design policy, Apple breaks apart from others. Getverify Lda develops mobile apps on the iOS platform where limited controls can be presented with endless creativity, design, and ready-made elements that are easily captured